Donna Roppolo

Donna Roppolo is a mixed media artist living in her hometown, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design. While working for an architecture firm, she was drawn to expose her innate artist talent and pursue what became an extensive career in the decorative arts. She later studied in New York, San Francisco and continued her education in Milan, Italy. Donna’s passion for detail and love for refined materials strengthened confidence to explore her vision and dive into a studio-based art career.

Her process to paint modern Chinoiserie and floral art is unique and laborious, working with various layers applied to fabric, and often with precious metals, to create her own canvas. She has transformed the ancient styles of painting into contemporary applications, while pushing the boundaries of traditional gilding methods to create modern works of art. Nurturing each piece from conception to the natural form it takes on, she embraces its imperfections and builds on each piece’s individual footprint of fractures, making her art distinctive and collectible.

“I love the process of the unknown. My work includes the art of destruction and acceptance of chance after creating what’s new to accomplish a surface that will inspire each composition.”