Kraig Richard

Goddard College

Molten Media
Own Studios
Glass and Quartz Fabrication
Chittenden Light Industries
Studio Design and Construction
Trow and Holden
Thermal Processing

Discovering hot glass in college proved to be a continuation of various VO-AG programs pursued in high school. Skills of welding, forging, and machine shop were invaluable for this program and constructing it's infrastructure. My formal education of studying chemistry and properties of glass was a foot in the door to specialized glass working for a computer chip concern. Designing and creating studio equipment in the U.S. and Asia I've engaged with numerous studios in various guises from production to assisting and being assisted with exquisite works. Hot glass is the electric guitar of the art world. It's as exciting to assist somebody as it is to make one's own work.

I have broken so many pieces


A property to be courted

Delicate enough

Surviving all voyages

"Just over four years ago I relocated from Vermont to my first city ever, New Orleans. This has certainly been quite a curve to my learning experiences. Completely alien yet a sweeping undercurrent of belonging flows. While living here my impetus has evolved from creating self pleasing forms, into a compulsion to address societal necessities with my work. Currently I'm entertaining commissions and offering hot glass experiences to individuals and groups at an Uptown studio. "

Kraig Richards